Yoga in the Workplace

Corporate Yoga

Chatty offers in-house corporate yoga to forward-thinking businesses that see the value of looking after the wellbeing of their team, and the increased productivity that comes with it.

The size of corporate yoga classes will vary depending on space available at your location. Please get in touch with the form below to discuss further.

Yoga can be practiced at any time of day; be it first or last thing, or a quick session at lunch, your staff will always reap the rewards.

Modern playlists will also help to boost brain function and improve mood.

Past and present clients include: 

What's so great about Corporate Yoga?

Yoga in the workplace has been proven to:

- Boost productivity, efficiency and energy levels

- Manage and lower stress levels

- Enhance employee mindset, morale and loyalty

- Sooth desk bound aches and pains

- Increase team communication and engagement


5 people or less - £120 / hour 

6 people or more - £150 / hour 

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