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What is Yoga?

Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn't just about touching your toes and having a snooze in savasana... 

Yoga is a workout for the body and the mind. Together. Without one there isn't the other, but these days it's rare that we use either to their full potential, so get on the mat and get them active.

It's important to take some time for yourself in the day, and why not have fun whilst you're doing it?

Power Vinyasa

Are you prepared to sweat for your sexy waistline and tight tush? 

Enjoy yoga but want some more 21st Century in your class? 

Then this is the yoga for you.

Practiced to Hip Hop, RnB, Disco and House music, this flow takes yoga to the next level.

Get happy in the mind, get happy in the body :)

Who's Chatty?

After years of PR, Marketing and Event Organisation I got bored of sitting at a desk, cut off from the real world.

A longtime lover of yoga, I've found that you can't beat the happiness that it brings. During the years that I've practiced I've come to realise that that feeling doesn't need to stay on the mat, it can become your every day life.

And yes, my name is Chatty.


Yoga and Music?

All of my classes flow to a soundtrack of hip hop, RnB, disco, reggae, and more...

You wouldn't dance without music, these days we barely do anything without music, so why would you practice yoga in silence? It doesn't work for me, that's for sure.

Music is a motivator. It makes you happy. The aim of yoga is to be happy. 

It's the perfect pairing.

Sound creates slight vibrations in the lower part of the brain. This gentle massage effectively 'cleans' the brain, causing the cerebrospinal fluid to work harder, removing more chemical waste from the brain than previously, allowing for higher thought forms and deeper concentration. Smart hey?

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Come and Get Happy :)